Magemother:The Mage And The Magpie

The Magemother series is from what I’ve heard is very good. After friends told me about it I decided to read it.

It’s about a girl,Brinley, who knows she was found by her ‘father’ at an old abandoned ghost town. Throughout her life she is always wondering about her mother. After hearing bells and learning that bells were heard when she was found she decides to investigate. Suddenly being whisked away from earth and brought to a new world, Brinley finds out she is invisible. Along with this invisibility she goes on an adventure with many magical creatures and people, eventually learning who her mother is. This book is a definite 5 star rating. very intriguing, and captivating for young children and adults alike.


2 thoughts on “Magemother:The Mage And The Magpie

  1. Well that one sure sounds interesting! I have a couple here waiting for you that I think you might like. Gonna go read mine now… but NOT in the hammock! 😉

    • You might like the one I’m reading now too….. about 2 kids growing up in 1942, in Seattle. One is Japanese, the other Chinese. At that time in history, many of the Japanese people were sent away to ‘camps’. These two were very good friends, and separated. Now it’s 1986…. I think they will meet up again. It’s heading that direction! (I’d better go find out!!)

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