Question: Do any of you have any books for me? the reason is because I just finished a book today more on that in a day or 2 but I need one.

Today I was looking at quilting books such as The Sunday Morning Quilt by Amanda Jean Nybeg and Cheryl Arkison which has a lot of cool ideas,but I choose one from Perfect Piecing by Karen Costello Soltys.    4 star rating


Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 5.52.05 PM

This is what my project turned out to be—-


ailee quilt


Thanks for listening today!


SewZoey by Chloe Taylor

This book is the first in a series and the title is SewZoey:Ready to Wear by Chloe Taylor.

It is about a girl Zoey who has gone to the same school all her life and has always had to wear uniforms,but when a new principal comes to town and gets rid of the uniforms she is so excited because she absolutely  loves fashion.But when they go to the mall there is nothing there she likes.

So when her friends Kate and Priti thought what if Zoey started a blog and sewed her own clothes a whirlwind happens and boom Zoey is learning how to sew and how to run a blog (like me!!) and the blog puts her on the A-list in fashion world she is still nervous about the first day of school wondering if she will we teased or a trendsetter?

I give this book a 5 star rating.

Do any of you sew? Or have you read this book?If you have read it let me know and rate it too!If you haven’t read it and let me know kay? then after you’ve read the first read the second SewZoey:On Pins And Needles by Chloe Taylor


Click here to learn more about the book.

Welcome To Hammock Books!

Hello there,

I am a young woman who is in love with books as I hope you are!

On this website you will get reviews on books I have read and give you ratings on how I thought they were. I will hope you will read them and tell me how good you think they are and rate them.Don’t worry, you don’t have to read them if you don’t want to.But I will encourage you to read them.

You will see many different  topics for I am interested in many things.Such as cooking and sewing and of course reading.

Another thing I will encourage you to show me books to me and I might read them.So I hope you will send me some good books and who knows maybe will read it!

By the way, here is the way I thought of the name and it’s a good way to relax!

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